Fixing a Computer

HDD Upgrade

Long Story

It is already more than 15 years, since computers have reached 3GHz, but we as people who assemble computers as a profession have agknowledged that PCs are not equally fast.
This is happening because the hard discs are slow and cannot help the PC process fast all it’s data. 
We knew all about this problem when everybody was still using 5,25” and 3,5” discs and we provided a solution for it, by using ramdrive. 
After 30 years of repairing PCs, the problems that occur are all the same. For example, the ability to install SSD is a true gift for every PC user, because their device becomes significantly faster.
At this point, we would like to remind everyone that the old but trustworthy hard disc still provides data safety and, in many cases, allows us to restore seemingly lost files.
In any case, we are here and ready to repair and to consult about any IT solutions you may need, tailored accordingly, even in a time when CLOUD seems to be leading the way to new and exciting experiences.