When we started creating our website we searched and found photos of usual P/C problems that we came across daily for the past two months when repairing our customer’s devices.
This way, we can present to you the world of computers from within, when they malfunction for a reason, and also give you an idea of what our customers usually look for when they come to us with a problem.


Liquid Damage

That in 55% per cent of the cases we see, users destroy their P/Cs because of accidents involving some kind of liquid.

GPU Issue

Second most popular problem in 25% per cent of the cases we see is malfunction of the GPU, which many attribute to manufacturer’s fault, but fortunately in 90% per cent of our cases we have managed to successfully deal with this issue and fix it.



A 15% per cent of PCs are handed to us with Overheating/Dust. This is an issue that we deal with pro-active service in which we have 25 years of experience.

Broken screen

Not so often, but still, we come across with broken lap-top screens. This is sometimes caused by rusty hinges and this is again an issue that needs pro-active service, in order to be avoided altogether. Bare in mind that pro-active service is much more cheep than a broken screen that needs to be replaced.


Many More Issues

There are many more issues that we deal with daily, such as disc change.

Statistics of IT Problems

By looking into our accumulated statistics that originate from the most popular or difficult IT problems that we have had to solve, we are able to draw a number of conclusions.


There are many more issues that we deal with daily, such as disc change.