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Battery Replacment

Change of battery can not be avoided because of it's limited operational life-time to begin with.
Changing your device's battery in-time may prevent a number of problems created by possible deformation. A device with a bad battery could, in theory and in actuality, explode.
This is why, if you notice over-warming or deformation of a battery, it would be prudent to change it asap.


Broken hinges

This type of repair can be achieved either by replacing the broken part or by soldering the part’s base or any other of it’s components. Cost: Price of parts + repair services.


Broken Screen

We replace the screen or touch-screen. Cost: Price of parts plus repair services


Data Backup

Sometimes your P/C seems not to function properly but your main concern is the data back-up. Usually the first thing that comes to mind is to back up everything. We execute the necessary back up process in a professional manner so that all your data is saved.

Modern Digital Watch

Data Recovery

Data recovery is a task that cannot be taught. It takes years of experience and knowledge to retrieve the hardware so that all your data can be safely recovered. It is a lengthy process that requires the outmost of patience. For us it poses a great but welcome challenge and we are always happy when things go well.


Device Disable

In this case we check to see if the problem stems from the software or the hardware and if possible we replace the device with a new one.


Noise From Fan, HDD, DVD-ROM

A usual problem is noise that is produced by the mechanical parts of your P/C. This sometimes goes away by simply cleaning the P/C or by replacing the noisy parts.


Graphics Card Issue

The graphics card has it’s own CPU (GPU) and needs maintenance from an experienced P/C technician to keep functioning properly. We would like you to know that in most known and usual problems of graphics cards we pride our selves for a 90% of successful maintenance and repair work


H/W Upgrade

Mac & PC users always need something more than they have, in terms of software or hardware. We offer a variety of solutions when it comes to up-grading hardware or software when it is needed (RAM, HDD, SSD, VGA CARD).


Liquid / Water Damage

Cleaning of the unwanted liquid, repair of destroyed hardware or replacement with new. This is a repair task in which we expert.


Not Booting

If your P/C is not starting or if you see messages on your screen, also if it makes unusual sounds, then it could be time for you to bring it in for a service-check. We follow a certain method of checking your device and can pin-point the source of the problem.


No Power

This is a problem that usually results from poor power connection. In this case it is recommended that you bring in your P/C for service and also bring along it’s AC adapter and power supply unit.


Slow Performance

When your system is slow, that could mean faulty hardware or software. In any case, proactive service should be done, upgrade O/S and computer drivers. Lastly, we check for viruses and remove any malware or conflict creating programs.


Update O/S

The manufacturers of O/S struggle to keep their customers happy, by constantly providing updates and upgrades. When these updates and upgrades, for a number of reasons, do not happen however, than your P/C could became unstable. We use only the latest upgrades of the manufacturer to fix this problem.


Virus Infection

Creating a virus is quite possibly a fruitful endeavour and a challenge for the mind of someone who practices on a high level software. We, on the other hand, offer pro-active service and removal of anything that poses a threat to the integrity of your Data and of your P/C device.


Repair problem not listed above

If you cannot find the problem of your P/C on the above list, we will perform a free check of your PC and we will also offer you a 50% percent discount on the cost of repair work and VIP treatment.

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- Oh it's crazy, how do they finally say my damage?

- Do not worry if there is no name for your damage we can give it your name, as if it were a star.